Privacy & Terms

Privacy Policy:

The information we collect will not be shared with any third party who is not legally authorized to have access to it.

Information collected by Rental-sys:

  1. E-store manager provided by the manager such as (Name, E-mail, Civil id, Mobile)
  2. E-store customers provided by the customer such as (Name, E-mail, Mobile, Address).
  3. Renta-sys have full access of the E-store data.
  4. We provide notification feature which can be sent to the users who download the E-Store Apps, the users can disable notification from their side.
  5. Emails can be used to give better experience such order received and order confirmation.    

The information is secured, and used to provide better experience and services.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Rental-sys provide E-Store front-end as (Home Page, Product Category, Single Product, cart, checkout)
  2. Payment Gateway Integration can be provided base on Store Manager request.
  3. Delivery service done by Store Manager.
  4. Any payment issues with the customers is responsible of Store Manager.
  5. Any delivery issues or delay is responsible of Store Manager and his delivery service.
  6. Store Manager Commitment to Abide laws and Regulations in Kuwait.
  7. The Store Manager is the only one responsible for the information he sent or posted.
  8. Copyrights Rules
  9. Rental-sys in not responsible to any issues of Store Manager, Customers, Payment and Delivery.
  10. Rental-sys is not responsible to any product added/sold by Store Manager.
  11. Rental-sys is not responsible to any activity that violates the regulations and instructions in Kuwait. Where our responsible is to deliver the E-Store tools and experience.
  12. If Rental-sys notes any suspicious activities being planned, being committed, or carried out on Rental-sys services, it will report such activities to the relevant authorities. It is not responsible in any way for these irregularities, which are carried out without the knowledge or observation of Rental-sys.
  13. Internet is not a secure place, and the confidentiality of personal information cannot be 100% guaranteed in the Internet space. But Rental-sys assure you will high quality security and up-to-date to keep high level of confidentiality and security.
  14. Store Managers are obliged not to violate any of the provisions of the Kuwaiti information crimes law, and if they violate the provisions of the Kuwaiti information crimes law, this is subject to their sole responsibility and management, and there is no responsibility on Rental-sys for violating the applicable regulations, as the Store Manager is the only one in charge of his Store and his customers, and Rental-sys always has the right to take what seems fit for any e-store or Store Manager that violates the provisions of the Kuwaiti information crimes law, whether by informing the official authorities or simply closing the e-store or canceling the Store Manager subscription.
  15. Rental-sys in not responsible of any issue with the product sold by Store Managers.
  16. Prevent abuse and illegal activities such as prostitution and the sale of illegal goods or services
  17. Store Manager is committed to honesty and integrity.
  18. Store Manager is obliged to be ethical.
  19. Rental-sys have the right to temporary suspend or cancel any subscription for any reason such as violate Kuwait rules or some of global rules.




As the Second Party has expressed the desire to rent one or more services from Rental Company for Website Design and Management, the will of both parties has converged to enter into and execute this contract after acknowledging their legal capacity to act. Therefore, they have agreed to the following:

Article 1: The preamble above is an integral and complementary part of this contract.

Article 2: General Terms:

  1. The Second Party shall adhere to the laws applicable in the State of Kuwait, including those set by the Ministry of Communications, the Telecommunications Authority, electronic crimes, and related entities. In case of violation, the Second Party shall be held responsible. It is noted that Rental Company provides its services for system provision purposes only (e.g., electronic store system, product list system, appointment booking system, etc.) and is not responsible for the content or operations conducted within the system after delivery to the client.
  2. Rental Company for Website Design and Management is not obligated to monitor the content provided by the client but reserves the right to remove any content or restrict access to any service deemed to be in violation of what is provided.
  3. The Second Party agrees to comply with the instructions and regulations adopted by the First Party. Accordingly, the Second Party undertakes not to engage directly or indirectly in, including but not limited to:
    1. Violating public decency.
    2. Using the services or any program for the benefit of a third party without written consent from the Company.
    3. Any client’s use of the services to provide, sell, or promote:
      • Replicas, controlled substances, alcohol, tobacco products, illegal drugs, and drug trafficking.
      • Weapons, pirated materials, instructions on manufacturing, assembling, or obtaining illegal goods or weapons for attacking others, information used to violate copyright or destroy intellectual property, or others’ private information.
      • Materials of a pornographic or indecent nature, or sexual products, programs, or services.
    4. Intellectual property rights violations. Rental Company for Website Design and Management is required by law to remove or restrict access to content appearing on the services through receiving appropriate notice of copyright infringement.

Article 3: Rental Cost

  1. Under this contract, the Second Party rents one of the services from the First Party as per the invoice.
  2. The value and duration of the lease agreed upon between the parties are specified in the invoice at the time of leasing.

Article 4: Subscription Cancellation

  1. Should the Second Party wish to cancel the subscription to Rental Company’s website design and management services for any reason, they must notify the First Party no later than two weeks before the end of the contract.
  2. The First Party reserves the right to cancel the provision of services to the Second Party in the event of the Second Party’s violation of any clause in this contract.

Article 5: Change or Development Orders

  1. Rental Company regularly updates its systems.
  2. In the event of a request for a change, development, or addition of an additional special service, additional fees may apply, subject to agreement. If no agreement is reached, the additional service will not be added while the current agreed-upon service continues.

Article 6: The Second Party shall adhere to the privacy policy and the terms and conditions specific to the service.

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